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Worry about changing color?

Worry about changing color?

  • Product deterioration due to improper storage

The product is best consummed 2 day from purchase and place it in the fridge.

If over 2days please preserve it in the freezer for quality.

Take off meet in side freeze and slowly defrosting time to fridge a day.


  • Change color to dark

The maillard reaction is responsible for many colors and flavours in food.

All meat have myoglobin ingredient.

This is making maillard reaction in meet outside.

However this problem has not combination of oxygen with meat therefore sometimes we have maillard reaction meat in the house or buy other store.

But do not worry this is not poisoned food as well as This is not harmless of humans.

If you want retune red color when you will make food?

Just meet is combination of oxygen on 30- 50 min in the kitchen table.

Some item don’t have retune color meet(slice beef).

We will make small slice or thin slice cutting style this item.

So this meet have not too much myoglobin in side meat.

So do not worry customers, this is not poisoned food as well as every time, we will give great quality meat to customers.