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[Fresh] Wet Aged Pork Belly 1cm 3주 습식 숙성 삼겹살 (구이용)

3 Wks Wet Aged Pork Belly
1cm / 600g

Wet-aging is a relatively recent technique that developed along with
advances in plastics and refrigeration. In this process,
cuts of pork are vacuum-sealed in plastic and shipped to the market.
The aging takes place in the 4-10 days between slaughter and
sale while the meat is in transit.

The enzymes still have time to tenderize the meat enough to
make it acceptable, and the biggest plus is that there’s
no weight-loss in the meat due to dehydration.
Wet-aging also costs less for the manufacturer since the meat
doesn’t need to be stored or monitored,
ultimately resulting in a lower consumer cost.