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[Ready to Eat] Meat4you Pork Hock 마라족발 /pcs

1팩에 pork hock이 썰어지지 않고 족발 1개가 통채로 갑니다. (대략 750g~1kg)
족발에 크기가 조금씩 차이가있고 랜덤 발송됩니다. 

1. 얇게 썰으신후 
2. 전자렌지에 1분가량 대워 드시면 
3. 돼지족의 비린내 하나없이 아주 담백하고, 한방향의 족발을 드시게 되실겁니다. 

Meat4you pork hock are not cut into 1 pack, 1 whole pork hock are contained.
The size of the pork's hock is slightly different and will be sent out randomly.
Each piece weighs between 950g and 1.2kg.
1. Cut thinly
2. Put it in the microwave for about 1 minute
3. You can enjoy the Meat4you pork hock that do not smell of porks and are not strong.